Your conference at denkART

We want your event to be a complete success, because it is your seminar,
Your workshop, your conference! We make sure that you can present yourself adequately as a company by creating the perfect setting for you.

Ten professionally equipped conference rooms for 2 to 180 people offer sufficient space for extensive thought work and relaxing breaks in between.

Competent hosts offer you personal attention. In our conference office all organisational work is in the best hands!

It’s your conference: Your seminar or your workshop. Therefore we welcome you and your guests already in the entrance area with an enlargement of your company logo.

We offer you room to move: Meetings in harmony of spirit and feeling, which requires more than a seminar room and good food. Forms, colours, scents and music – subtly coordinated with each other – work together uniquely, depending on the rhythm of work and time of day. Take 5-10 minutes of your time before the conference and let us introduce you to our conference world.

Relax in our Japanese garden – with a Koi pond and a tea house.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Learning and experience

In our conference area learning is combined with experience. We provide optimal learning conditions through exceptionally packaged meals, ideal resting places, a piece of nature and of course cordial care of all guests.

Andrea Höllmüller - Conference manager


  • We offer air-conditioned conference rooms with daylight and view of nature
  • With us something moves – coffee breaks from Sushiband – healthy,
    varied and delicious – enriched with classic coffee specialities from the sieve carrier machine of our DenkBar
  • NEULAND moderation material
  • Powerful beamers in all conference rooms
  • “Green kick – get your body moving
  • Conference support – competent, cordial and customer-oriented
  • Cordiality officer(s) in each service area
  • Extensive technical equipment (e.g. adapter, MacBook)
  • Management library with many bestsellers
  • COMMUNICATION & COOKING All senses are satisfied. Cook a 4-course menu at its best with our KochCoach. Coordination and, if necessary, improvisation are required. Afterwards you will certainly be enriched by some tips and tricks. Lively learning and good food in the company of your colleagues or friends and family guarantee an unforgettable evening – up to a maximum of 14 people.
  • Japanese garden with tea pavilion at Koi pond – wellness for the soul
  • Light, colour and fragrance concept
  • Are you looking for a qualified trainer / coach / moderator?


To ensure that your conference is a complete success, we offer services that make a seminar, workshop or conference special for the participants.

With us, no one sits in a conference with hunger and without enthusiasm. At the Schindlerhof you will be offered everything you need to be able to do a perfect and successful mental work.

  • Ordering books from the library
  • Pipe ashtray
  • umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreen and “Autan” – depending on the weather
  • Innovations from our Sushiband
  • Japanese garden with pavilion at Koi pond
  • Mountain bikes
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices
  • Daily changing fitness drink
  • Milkshake in summer
  • Coffee and various coffee specialities from Segafredo
  • 12 different kinds of tea, creative tea, iced coffee and iced chocolate for the hot days
  • Frappées
  • different coffee syrups for your coffee
  • Fresh fruit
  • Vegetable sticks with dip
  • Dried fruit
  • Chocolate and muesli bars
  • Sandwiches and oven-fresh ciabatta
  • Homemade cakes
  • Hot chestnuts in winter
  • lactose and gluten-free products such as milk, yoghurt, muesli bars


All conference rooms are equipped with:

  • W-Lan
  • Multiboard
  • Pin boards
  • Moderator material
  • Flipchart
  • Adapter
  • Beamer

We are happy to provide you with the following for an additional charge:

  • Digital Flipcharts
  • Notebook
  • Presenter
  • more pinboards and FlipCharts

Conference rooms in DenkART

Conference room – DenkRaum


Max.  Number of persons: 180 persons (Theater seating)

Price per day: € 1050,00

Conference room – FreiRaum

68m² · 7m x 9,75m

U-Form till: 20 persons
Theater seatingthea till: 40 persons

Price per day: € 420,00

Conference room – YinYang

68m² · 7m x 9,75m

U-Form till: 20 persons
Theater seating till: 40 persons

Price per day: € 420,00

Conference room – HochForm


Max. number of persons: 20 Personen (Theater seating)

Price per day:
€ 380,00 (Price including a flatscreen instead of a beamer)

Conference room – ZeitRaum

28m² · 6,25m x 4,5m

Block seating till: 10 persons
Theater seating till: 15 persons

Price per day:
€ 290,00 (Price including a flatscreen instead of a beamer)

Conference room – SpielRaum

26m² · 5m x 4,80m

Block seating till: 7 persons

Price per day: € 195,00


Conference room – Wintergarten


Max. number of persons: 40 persons (Theater seating)

Price per day:
€ 450,00

Conference room – Galerie


Max. number of persons: 40 persons (Theater seating)

Price per day:
€ 450,00

Conderence room – Atelier


Max. number of persons: 20 persons (Theater seating)

Price per day:
€ 330,00

Conference room – Veranda


Block seating: 8 persons

Price per day:
€ 290,00 (Price including a flatscreen instead of a beamer)


Ihre Ansprechpartner

Unsere Profis unterstützen Sie von Anfang an bei Ihrer Veranstaltung:

Andrea Höllmüller

Stellvertretende Tagungsleitung:
Wiebke Bayer

Als kompetenter Gastgeber bieten wir Ihnen persönliche Betreuung.



Conferences need a lot of planning and organisation in advance. To make sure that everything can be planned without obstacles, there are only a few small points that you should consider for conferences, seminars and workshops in our company.

    • …we need your company logo to signpost the conference rooms. You are welcome to send it to us by email to: denkart@schindlerhof.de
    • …we assume that you will provide us with a list of names of the overnight guests 2 weeks in advance – this way we can guarantee a smooth check-in.
    • …we would be pleased if you let us know the final number of conference participants 7 days before the event starts. We will use the number known to us by then as the basis for calculating the coffee breaks and meals.
    • …of course we hope to welcome you at your booked date.

  • The following is particularly important in the conference service area:

    • In order to book your event with us, we need the complete purchase invitation with company stamp and signature back for confirmation (changes can be handwritten on the purchase invitation with reservation).
    • The exact details and number of participants must be announced 10 days before the event.
    • The figures communicated on this date form the basis for calculation.
      – Should you be forced to cancel your conference, you will find our cancellation conditions here:
      Conferences can be…

      • …100 % free of charge until 56 days before your event can be cancelled.
        *Up to 28 days before your event you can still reduce the number of persons by 50%
        *Up to 10 days before the event you can reduce the number of persons by 10%.
        Conferences in our DenkRaum (206 m²) can be arranged…
      • …100 % free of charge until 84 days before your event can be cancelled.
        *up to 42 days before your event you can still reduce the number of persons by 50%.
        *Up to 10 days before the event you can reduce the number of persons by 10%.
        Of course we will try to rent the conference rooms to other parties. However, should we not succeed in doing so, we will take the liberty of charging you the minimum loss in the amount of the gross room rent.
        In case of a short-term cancellation up to two weeks before the event, we will charge an additional 50% of the booked catering.
        For cancellations up to 10 days before the event, we charge 100% of the booked services.
    • The use of our conference rooms is bound to the booking of at least one fixed meal.
    • Please also note, …
      • …that we can’t guarantee that we won’t have any other industry related events in the house.
      • …that noisy teambuilding activities in our conference rooms are only possible by appointment.
    • The reserved conference rooms are only available to the organizer within the period agreed upon in writing.
    •  Any use beyond this must be agreed with Schindlerhof in advance, at least 10 days before the event.
    • If the agreed time of the start or end of an event is postponed, Schindlerhof shall be entitled to charge the contractual partner for all additional costs incurred thereby.

Booking request

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