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The Schindlerhof is a true experience for the senses. The fact that it has grown slowly over decades from then to the present day has created a very special field of tension between tradition and modernity.

The heart of the Schindlerhof is originally a 300-year-old farm. From there, the hotel area has grown steadily over the decades in a total of six construction stages.

The development from a traditional country inn to a modern conference hotel has allowed the Schindlerhof to really blossom. The Schindlerhof is home to many different architectural styles as well as a varied atmosphere. All this is skilfully seasoned with tasteful design and interior.

Thus, the old farmhouse is situated on one side opposite a harmoniously laid out Japanese garden with tame koi in the garden’s own pond and opposite a modern building in the Bauhaus style, the Rykon.

This is just one of many examples that attest to the Schindlerhof’s uniqueness and create a very special tension between tradition and innovation, between regionality and internationality.

An eventful time lies ahead – because the Schindlerhof is more than just a conference hotel. Effective work, sunbathing in the inner courtyard, coffee in the Japanese garden or a cosy dinner in the restaurant with fine food. Let us “seduce” you – we look forward to seeing you!


Our greatest unique selling proposition is our lived cordiality towards our guests.

With us the public space becomes a space of private hospitality. Our claim is not only to provide “a good service”, but we want to be artists in matters of cordiality. This requires a great deal of alertness and attention in every moment.

We hope that you will feel our cordiality and our ambition to make your stay as pleasant as possible, in every detail.

We do everything we can to make you feel at home with us and that is exactly why we like to come back.


Why does our restaurant have this name?

Because we will prepare wonderful culinary moments in our atmospheric ambience, which will make your stay “unvergESSlich” (unforgettable)!

“Franken geht fremd” – this is our gastronomic concept. We combine Franconian products and recipes with products and recipes from all over the world and thus create a field of tension between innovation and tradition, between regionality and internationality.

We are not just your everyday restaurant, but have so much more to offer

The steady growth of the Schindlerhof has led to the development of many different restaurant areas, each of which offers the right ambience for every requirement.

Whether rustic cozy, modern country house style, Japanese inspired or the sophisticated flair of New York restaurants, at the Schindlerhof everything is united.

You can enjoy the dishes on our extensive menu from 12 pm to 5:15 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm. From 10 pm to 11:30 pm you can enjoy changing snacks from the bar menu. Open until 1 am.


The dankBAR

Now the Schindlerhof is round! Finally we have a bar for our guests – but not just any bar: We have named our wine bar ‘DankBar’.

It is the place for the big and small moments of gratitude – a delicious wine, a snack and many highlights to discover. Because we did not just “create” a vinotheque, we also had something deeper in mind.

Weinkenner wissen, wie wichtig es ist, Weine wohltemperiert zu offerieren. Bei uns ist das auf jeden Fall gewährleistet, denn unsere Weine sind in einem 8 Meter langen, begehbaren Wein-Klima-Schrank mit 2 Klimazonen optimal aufgehoben und, nebenbei, sehr schön präsentiert. Der Wein-Klima-Schrank steht Ihnen als Gast jederzeit offen und Sie können dort in Ruhe unsere Weinauswahl begutachten. Oder gehen Sie doch einfach einmal mit unserem Sommelier Walter Springer auf Entdeckungstour… das ist viel schöner als „nur“ eine Weinkarte in den Händen zu halten! Bei uns gibt es Weine zum „Anfassen und Liebhaben“, und das auf vollen 8 Metern Länge!


Events, seminars or training courses require a very special environment that inspires learning. To achieve this, it is necessary to create rooms that are different from the everyday ones. After all, the corporate environment is often abandoned precisely in order to avoid the well-trodden paths in thinking and feeling in unfamiliar places and to develop new ideas or the readiness for the associated processes and changes.

DenkArt sets clear visual signs and impulses for innovations. In the encounter with the works of contemporary artists a unique and unmistakable ambience was created. Enjoy this unusual place of encounter and stimulation! The works of art accompany you on your way to (re)discovering your own creative potential in your field of work.


Feiern, aber richtig!

Das ist unsere Devise – Und damit Sie Ihre Feier richtig genießen können und Ihre private oder geschäftliche Veranstaltung zum individuellen Erlebnis und ein garantierter Erfolg wird, nehmen wir Ihnen die Arbeit der Organisation und Planung gerne ab!

Vertrauen Sie unserem professionellem Full-Service-Team. Unsere Veranstaltungs- und Gastro-Profis arrangieren für Sie (fast) alles!


Eine private oder geschäftliche Feier bedeutet immer sehr viel Organisationsaufwand. Da bleibt oft das eigene Vergnügen an der Veranstaltung auf der Strecke.

Damit Sie Ihre Feier so richtig genießen können, übernehmen wir für Sie die gesamte Planung!

Wir verfügen nach 30 Jahren Schindlerhof über einen breiten Erfahrungsschatz, über gute Adressen und teilen unser Wissen gerne mit Ihnen! Pianisten, Künstler, Musiker – all das ist in unserem Repertoire!


Was gibt es Schöneres, als einem lieben Menschen oder gleich mehreren eine Freude zu bereiten?

Ob ein geselliger Degustationsabend, ein Verwöhn-Wochenende um aufzutanken, die große Geburtstagsparty, ein romantisches Candlelight-Dinner für zwei oder ein genussreiches Koch-Event für Freunde und Mitarbeiter – Sie kennen liebe Menschen die Sie beschenken möchten.

Sprechen Sie uns an!


It was and is the life-task of both of us to create a hotel village from a small dilapidated farm in six construction stages, which does not fit into any pigeonhole and which is already managed by our daughter Nicole in the second generation. Old fashioned and innovative at the same time. Incomparably warm. But above all: Family owned and proudly independent!

Renate und Klaus Kobjoll - Gründer Schindlerhof


The Schindlerhof was founded in 1984 by Renate and Klaus Kobjoll and has been the heart and soul of the Kobjoll family ever since. Meanwhile, with daughter Nicole Kobjoll, the second generation is already “on board”, actively managing the company.
How it all began – and how it is today

Klaus Kobjoll was born in Bamberg in 1948. At that time he was certainly not yet aware of the exciting future that lay ahead of him. A few years later, in 1974 to be precise, he married his wife Renate (O-Tone Klaus Kobjoll: “…the best thing that ever happened to me!”). In the same year his daughter Nicole is born.

Professionally Klaus Kobjoll sets the first course with the attendance of the hotel management school D. Speiser in Tegernsee/Bad Wiessee and the professional training at the Lycêe Technique Hotelier in Strasbourg (France). After a few more stations his career takes its course and Klaus Kobjoll, at the age of 22, “finally” becomes an entrepreneur with no less than 5,000 DM starting capital.

Today, Nicole Kobjoll is in charge of the hotel, of course with the active support of Renate and Klaus Kobjoll, but Klaus Kobjoll also dedicates himself to his second company: GLow & Tingle – and holds lectures and seminars on topics such as: warmth (customer orientation), employee orientation, TQM (Total Quality Management) or “Enthusiasm is transferable” – all using the practical example of the Schindlerhof Hotel. The whole thing for medium-sized companies, but also for groups (so far over 150,000 participants from all sectors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Great Britain).

Business ideas and openings in Nuremberg (N) and Erlangen (Er)
1970 Crêperie Rennaise (He)
1972 Le Kilt (He) – Club/Discoutheque
1974 Prison St. Michel (Er) – French Bistro/Restaurant
1975 Prison St. Michel (N) – french Bistro/Restaurant
1978 Kon Tiki (N) – polynesian restaurant + bar
1979 Landhotel Mörsbergei (Er) – 19 rooms
1980 Café des Arts (Er) – French bistro
1982 Straw (Er) – Jazz cellar with daily live music
1983 Bobby McGee’s Conglomeration (He) – American. Restaurant + Bar
1983 Opening and further development of the Schindlerhof in Nuremberg
1984 Landhotel Schindlerhof – 37 rooms, about 200 seats in various restaurant and banquet rooms, plus garden
1990 Schindlerhof creative centre – with a further 34 rooms and 3 unique conference rooms of 200m²
1998 Schindlerhof – New corporate design for the change from the Landhotel Schindlerhof to the new brand Schindlerhof with the three profit centres Restaurant & Banquet, Creative Conferences, Hotel.
1998 Investments in ambience, tableware, rooms and in brand development, logos, new language and contemporary means of communication
1999 DenkArt – Additional 800 m², 400 m² of which are used for 4 meeting rooms and a bistro of 120 m². The “Werdegang” is available for company presentations. Regularly changing art exhibitions also take place here.
2000 Ryokan – 24 additional hotel rooms directly at the Japanese Garden
2013 DankBar and Bordeaux Lounge
2018 – wir wachsen weiter: Kauf eines Bauernhofs direkt neben den Schindlerhof
2019 Teambuilding Schindlerhof – eine WG mit 6 Zimmern für Mitarbeiter
2020 Eröffnung Bogenkino im Herbst


We owe it to our entire team that we have managed the Schindlerhof as successfully as we have from the very beginning. Only with the support of our employees can we offer you the service that awaits you in our house.
We run the Schindlerhof…

…with 65 to 70 permanent employees.

In all six service areas there is a team leader as the main person responsible and a deputy who ensures quality even in the absence of the team leader.

The size of the teams varies – most employees work in the Food & Beverage area (restaurant, banquet and kitchen) – as cooks / chefs and employees in the service area. But we also have many ambitious employees in the conference, hotel and housekeeping sector, who are enthusiastic and committed to their work – or rather to our guests.

To pass on the love for our profession, but also to train our managers of the future themselves, that is the goal here. Our trainees always bring a breath of fresh air and bring their values and ideas into our organisation.

At the very bottom of the organisation chart, the Kobjoll family with the assistance of the management is the basis and rock in the surf:
Familly owned – proudly independent – as a family-run company.

By the way: the 3rd generation of the family is 4 years old and already holds 3% of the shares… we cannot secure the future for all eternity – but as is well known, fate meets the prepared mind – and so we have already happily set the course for the transition to the next generation… Life and work at Schindlerhof remains exciting!

But the most important thing for all of us NOW and in the FUTURE is the enthusiasm of our guests!


We guarantee that nobody will receive our hospitality at a different price than you!