More than just a restaurant

Restaurant unforgettable

We prepare unforgettable culinary moments for you in our atmospheric ambience! From a tasty plate meal to a six-course adventure. The kitchen is looking forward to your taste. And it will meet it... guaranteed! All our dishes are freshly prepared! All sauces, every stock is cooked ourselves!

"Franconia goes foreign" - that is our gastronomic concept. We combine Franconian products and recipes with products and recipes from all over the world, creating an area of tension between innovation and tradition, between regionality and internationality. All of this is spiced up with lived hospitality and heartfelt service.

Due to the constant growth of the Schindlerhof, many different restaurant areas have developed, each of which offers the right ambience for every requirement. Whether rustic cosy, modern country house style, Japanese-inspired or the sophisticated flair of New York eateries, everything is combined at the Schindlerhof.

Going out for a spontaneous meal?

"If you swim against the current, you get to the source faster!"

More and more colleagues are restricting their opening hours and have even introduced two days off. With us, the kitchen, waiters and service are always at your service, seven days a week.

Whether it's a late lunch or an early dinner.

Our opening hours

Food à la carte

You can enjoy the dishes on our extensive menu Monday to Sunday from 12.00 to 14.30 hrs and from 18.00 to 21.30 hrs. We are open until 0 o'clock for you.

We are looking forward to your reservation!
Call us at phone 0911 9302-604 or write us a mail to

Rooms & Ambience

Formerly rural living spaces come to life again in all three restaurants - Dorfschänke, Tränke and Tenne - and are transformed with unusual ideas into timeless, yet modern and elegant spaces à la Country House. With earthy natural colours such as brown, beige, terra cotta or yellow, generously placed mirror elements, a new table arrangement and creamy white, transparent, textile room dividers, the restaurants appear bright and spacious. Decorative counterpoints to beautiful old, light and dark wooden elements set punctual light accents.

Our restaurant in Nuremberg also offers an ideal setting for business lunches: If you are ever in a hurry, you can have the business menu served within an hour at lunchtime. But you can also feast in peace and quiet! Another possibility is to reserve a room for yourself with a small group: our wine bar offers ideal possibilities to hold an undisturbed business lunch or dinner for 6 to 12 people. Here, no one can overhear.

Watering hole




Japan Garden


Kitchen orientation

Fostering our collective creativity is very close to my heart and that with a good team spirit.

The kitchen motto at the Schindlerhof - "Franconia goes foreign" means for me: combining Franconian products and dishes with supra-regional products and different cooking and preparation methods.

Michael Behr - Chef de cuisine Schindlerhof


We get a large part of our food from our neighbour, farmer "Kuno", who grows vegetables for us right around the Schindlerhof - in the middle of Nuremberg's Knoblauchsland. It doesn't get any better or fresher than this!

Our purchasing policy is clearly described: Whenever possible and justifiable in terms of quantity, we procure goods directly from the source or producer.
We pay attention to animal-friendly (!) and environmentally friendly production of food and do not buy any genetically manipulated food, as far as this is already or still recognisable.

The standards that I pay attention to are essentially the following:

  • For vegetables, lettuce and fruit: no mineral fertilisers and no use of chemical pesticides.
  • In meat production: Renunciation of "turbo fattening
  • Freshwater fish are kept species-appropriate in large-scale waters
  • We obtain them from recognised pond farmers from the region
  • For sea fish and seafood, I note that they are caught using gentle fishing methods
  • Our game specialities come exclusively from local hunters
  • Wild mushrooms supplied by a specialist from the neighbouring Upper Palatinate region

Our high quality standards lead to considerable additional costs, BUT:

  • We support the successful existence of local family businesses
  • The animals are spared unnecessary suffering
  • Transport routes from the producer to the consumer are minimised, which in turn serves to protect the environment
  • and - last but not least - you as a guest benefit from the excellent, fresh and healthy produce

Not just any bar

We have christened our vinotheque 'DankBar'.

Now the Schindlerhof is round! Finally, we also have a bar to offer our guests - but not just any bar: we have christened our vinotheque 'DankBar'.

It is the place for the big and small moments of gratitude - a delicious wine, a bite to eat and many highlights to discover.

Best climate for our wines

Wine connoisseurs know how important it is to offer wines at the right temperature. With us, this is guaranteed in any case, because our wines are optimally kept in an 8-metre-long, walk-in wine climate cabinet with 2 climate zones and, by the way, very beautifully presented.
The wine climate cabinet is open to you as a guest at any time and you can examine our wine selection there at your leisure. Or simply go on a discovery tour with our sommelier Walter Springer... that is much nicer than "just" holding a wine list in your hands!
We have wines for you to "touch and love", and they are a full 8 metres long!
But of course there is still the classic wine list,
from which you can choose as usual!

This makes the wine selection easier

The wine list focuses on Franconia - but you will also find wines from all over the world - in keeping with our kitchen motto "Franconia goes foreign".

To make it easier to study, we have come up with a colour concept: to do this, we have classified the wines into different categories: young, fresh, full-bodied, medium-bodied, strong, etc. This should make the selection a little easier for you.

Our sommelier Walter Springer will be happy to advise you!

To our wine list


We imported our champagne directly from France - it's hardly available in Germany - but it's exclusive to us at the DankBar! FROMENTIN - it not only looks good - it also tastes wonderful! You are welcome to take a bottle or a whole case home with you. By the way, you can do this with all our wines. Of course, the "to go price" is different!

To make transport easier, we offer the "ICE BAG", another direct import from France. This makes it easy to take any opened bottle home with you, even magnums!

At this point it should be mentioned: Exceptional! We even have magnum bottles available by the glass.


The large "Community Table" offers the opportunity for far-reaching communication! There is room for up to 16 people! The ideal space for good conversation and wine tasting in the company of wine lovers.

Tables for two and four also offer space for unforgettable evenings at the Schindlerhof - or quite communicatively - directly at the bar.

Tasting evenings

In our tasting room with its cellar atmosphere you will get a taste for wine: this is where our wine tastings take place, which are a real treat for every true wine connoisseur.

Our tasting room is also the storage room for our wines. You are welcome to come in here with the sommelier and take a look at the wines... wines to touch and love.

Every evening, there are also some good wines to taste here.
Once a month there is an event with a winegrower who presents his wines. Maybe this is interesting for you?

Tasteful difference

In addition to the tastings with the winemakers, there is also the possibility of organising tasting evenings for you: in a closed circle - together with our sommelier Walter Springer.

You are welcome to give us a theme - or even a country. We will adapt to it and prepare a suitable menu with the corresponding wines!

We will be happy to inform you about our programme!


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