Our greatest unique selling point is the warmth we show our guests. With us, public space becomes space for private hospitality. Our claim is not to provide "just good service", but to be artists in cordiality. This requires a great deal of alertness and attention at every moment.

We want you to feel our cordiality and the aspiration to make your stay as pleasant as possible in every detail.

We do everything we can to make you feel at home with us and that's exactly why you'll be happy to come back.

Our aim is to offer you a temporary home - Heima(r)t by Schindlerhof

Tina Brunner - Hotel Management


Do you love Brahms, Pink Floyd or a good book? We can fulfil almost any wish to make your stay at the Schindlerhof as enjoyable as possible. Hotel room - alone or as a couple. We want you to feel at home with us and not like you're in someone else's bed....

The themed rooms at the Schindlerhof are unique. Unique like our guests. And every guest has special requirements when it comes to their living environment. We have adapted to this and offer unique overnight accommodation.

Japanese Ryokan Style

Ryokan Room

The 24 rooms in Japanese ryokan style are located directly at the Japanese garden. They were built in 2000. The building is built in the Bauhaus style. All rooms have a wonderful view of the garden and each has a different garden image. A warm minimalism characterises the living in this area.

The wine house

The Tuscan Wine Room

There are 10 hotel rooms in the wine house: four Tuscan wine rooms, four Franconian wine rooms and two French wine rooms. The rooms are furnished in the appropriate country house style of the region and lovingly decorated. Huge prints show magnificent landscape photographs and help the guest feel close to the region.

The car rooms

Mini room

The mini room is inspired by the cult car MINI:

There is no normal minibar in this room, but when you open the car door, you can get to the chilled drinks. There is also no normal couch, but the back seat of a MINI Cooper convertible was installed.
The highlight:
A wooden bathtub in the middle of the room with a view of a small racetrack.
Alone or as a couple - fall asleep in the round bed and dream... of the most beautiful car in the world (according to Nicole Kobjoll) and of the beautiful things in life...

Atmosphere for calm minds

Country house room

Our cosy country house rooms are our classics!
Feel good in a relaxed atmosphere - classically furnished in Mediterranean country house style - very cosy with warm colours and rustic elements.

The car rooms

Jaguar Room

The Jaguar Room is a maisonette room:
Downstairs is the living area and upstairs is the sleeping area.
The furnishings are classically elegant - with many small details (books, decorations, etc.) relating to the Jaguar.

Atmosphere for calm minds

Star room

The stars have fascinated mankind for thousands of years! We have brought the stars into your room: with the starry sky directly above your bed, you can conjure up the individual constellations on the ceiling in the dark via remote control. If the sky is cloudless, a large telescope is also available for stargazing.

The car rooms

Ferrari Room

The Ferrari room is for our guests with petrol in their blood and is also a maisonette room.
The sleeping area is located in the upper area, the living area extends below.
The bright colours yellow and red dominate the room and many details about the brand support the motto - for example, the room does not have a normal door handle, but a steering wheel...

For seminar and workshop leaders

The Trainer Room

If you are a trainer leading a seminar or workshop, you have different demands on a hotel room: you need better technical equipment, but you also need space for short meetings, possibly for individual coaching sessions. This is exactly what our trainer rooms offer, which are specially tailored to the wishes and requirements of speakers and trainers.


Our 92 hotel rooms are all very different. Because we love individuality! Decide which is your favourite room...
...and we will make sure that you feel completely comfortable in it.

To make you feel really comfortable, you will find everything in your room to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Is something still missing? Then please let us know. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes!

Unsere Zimmer sind alle liebevoll mit bequemen Betten (Jede Matratze hat eine Mindestgrösse von 90cm Breite und 2m Länge), Minibars, Kosmetikbars, natürlich auch Fernsehern, einem Sound System von Soundfreaq mit Bluetooth und Ladefunktion, Weckern und vielem mehr ausgestattet.

Whether an extra pillow from the pillow bar at the reception, where guests can borrow anything from a cherry pit pillow to a soft foam pillow to improve their sleep,

or a read because you forgot yours at home:
Our small library will surely have something ready for you.

Wrinkled shirts and blouses? No problem: we supply you with an iron and ironing board.
Forgotten your charger cable? We have replacement charging cables for mobile phones in stock.

Get yourself going in our small fitness room and sauna.
There are many jogging trails around the Schindlerhof - we have provided the map for you!
we have provided the map for you! You are also welcome to explore the area on one of our rental bikes...


Our cosy Schindlerhof rooms are our classics!

Feel good in a relaxed atmosphere - lots of STYLE and not too much DESIGN is the motto here!
See for yourself!

The prices are per room/incl. VAT and WLAN.

Zzgl. 20,00 € Frühstück pro Person.

Einzelzimmer: 150,00 € ·  Doppelzimmer: 198,00 € ·  Zusatzbett pro Nacht: 45,00 €  ·  Babybett pro Nacht: kostenlos (Kinder im Bett der Eltern sind ebenfalls kostenlos)



Einzelzimmer: 175,00 € ·  Doppelzimmer: 225,00 €



Einzelzimmer: 125,00 €



The 24 rooms in Japanese ryokan style are located directly at the Japanese garden. They were built in 2000. The building is built in the Bauhaus style. All rooms offer a wonderful view of the garden and a different garden view opens up from each room. A warm minimalism characterises the living in this area.

Additional features:
Compared to other rooms, these hotel rooms are equipped with art by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, a tea station, a kimono and a laptop-size safe.

The prices are per room/incl. VAT and excl. breakfast.
Single room: 170,00 € - Double room: 220,00 €



Single room: 195,00 € - Double room: 239,00 €


Trade fair prices are not included.

Some of our double rooms are equipped with 160 cm wide beds, which you can also book for single use.

Accommodation fee for your...

Kind im Zustellbett  mit Frühstück: 45,00 €
Kind im Babybett: gratis
Fahrzeug in den Tiefgaragen: 18,00 €
Haustier: 15,00 €

Our arrangements

Creatingextraordinary moments, bringing joy to others, that's what we like to do! Perhaps there is something for you in our arrangements?





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