"Companies become broadcasters" - this is a rapidly developing trend of our time, in which the desire of many to read is clearly declining and moving photos supplement information of all kinds.

Short videos capture people, image components, products, services, expertise and entertaining moments - they are made available to closed circles of people or the general public on a wide variety of online portals.

More and more well-known online media and companies are accompanying their texts with explanatory or text-like video presentations. The Schindlerhof is now also taking this professional path.

Together with the company Deutsche Wirtschaft TV, a Schindlerhof-internal TV studio has now been set up and opened fully functional. In it, videos are planned, developed, implemented and placed accordingly with a Schindlerhof team consisting of five people with different competences.

Intensive training by Daniel Trost from Deutsche Wirtschaft TV provided the necessary expertise for handling the sophisticated technology in advance. The first films have already been shot independently - among other things to strengthen the Schindlerhof as an employer brand.

Further plans for image promotion are already in the quiver and are currently being developed with a great deal of commitment.


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